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The Birth of the Game

I made the game of Transitions initially for an all glass show I was a participant in where the overall theme was "transitions". This theme could be interpreted in any way the artist chose so I reflected on myself and decided that my game creation would reflect the transitions of my life and the memories of moving over the years. To me, my movements and changed in life were very much like a game.

You start out in the Sonoran Desert and end up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, facing many moves and obstacles in between. Along the journey, just like in life, you will encounter setbacks, a variety of people and animals. You will also encounter some amazing opportunities. This game is loosely based on the mechanics of Candyland with similar rules and board presentation.

The game board was made by fusing various colors of glass squares onto two large white squares of glass. The game pieces were created on a torch using a technique called lampworking. The game has its own wooden box, constructed with help from a printer.

How to Play

The object of the game is to travel along the Colorado path of Transition Land. Each player will start in the desert and then transition to the ocean and then back to the desert and finally to the mountains.

1. The youngest person goes first.

2. Each player chooses an animal head playing piece.

3. All players begin at the green square in the desert.

4. Take turns spinning the arrow on the color wheel, this will determine what color to land on as your journey through Transition Land continues.

5. When a player lands on a square that has a smaller black square on it you lose your next turn.

6. When a player lands on the red square under the Dragonfly Trail the player takes this shortcut and moves directly to the blue square under the pine trees.

The Rainbow Bridge

This bridge is a shortcut to the other side of the water but due to trolls under the bridge you lose your next turn.

Winning the Game...

The first player to reach the last color square wins the game. The game can also be won if the player spins a color that would take him or her beyond the last color square if the path continued.

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